Delta India Delta

He views the worldfrom behind my eyes, reaching,wondering, calculating. As calculating as Icould ever be.I fade.I whisper, “See me!” I runthrough the stacks, lookingat piled volumes of the memories,                          knowledge that already belongsto me. He pursues me.I trot throughthe stacks, looking overmy shoulder.Wondering […]

You Matter

Amber, You Matter! I reached inside my heart today and found you there. I did not realize you had crept into that space when I was busy. We were both busy laughing, sharing, crying, comforting… A little like family. A lot like friendship.  No one but you can be the you that you are: the […]

Welcome to My Mind: Enter At Your Own Risk!

“A wave pursues the thoughtful dreamer, Inspiration splashing upon my mind, makes no effort to withhold her praises, one comment at a time. But I withhold mine.” I’m never actually certain who my reader is: I confess it to all my teachers who for hundreds of hours drilled into my brain the importance of focusing on “your reader”. Once I even […]