Nervous Complaints

I did it: I released my book to the world. And now… I’m nervous.​

Thirty-five units have sold. Now, to be fair, four of those were me, because I needed several paperback copies, plus the Kindle copy. But even if I take myself out of the total, there are thirty-one people in the world who own my book. They OWN it. It belongs to them, this story and these characters that used to be mine alone. Now that I have relinquished control of my words, I am nervously awaiting results. Will people start to leave feedback? Will they review the book? Will they like the story? Will they hate it? Will their opinions about me change? Do I care?

Thirty-one people just accepted entrance into my world, and I’m not sure it can ever be the same. I would like to say “Welcome!” but I’m too scared to say anything. So I will sit here. Waiting.

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Nichole Willden

Author & Teacher

In an effort to put a more selfless face on my writing, I hereby submit this blog of my words. I can’t promise it’s safe here in my head. Enter at your own risk. But if you do come, introduce yourself, Reader, because maybe yours will be the face I place in my mind when I focus on my reader in the future. And then I can never again say I’m not certain who you are, because you will have pulled up a chair, put your feet on the coffee table, and taken up residence here in my brain. Sorry about the mess. I hope you’ll stay awhile.