Relaunch! New Obedience Cover

The Guild is my seductive mistress and most demanding task-master. It has, for years, been the primary focus of my writing life. And while I’m mixing metaphors, let me also say: the Guild is my baby. I have held it close and nurtured it since its inception, and would probably continue that way if not for Amber.

My wife has always been a fan of my writing, including the Guild story. I consider her my “alpha reader” because she listens as I read my newly-drafted pages aloud, hearing every part of my work, even before revisions. Amber believes in the power of my work. She wants to see it reach a wider audience. 

The Guild is a multi-faceted, fictional story that houses my deepest traumas and most powerful hopes. It is my baby. If left to my own devices, this story might never reach toddlerhood, because I am naturally inclined to keep it to myself and within my immediate control. Amber’s love for me and for my work is allowing me to relinquish my illusion of control. She is now co-parenting this project so it can grow to adolescence. She is my new project manager.

Through Amber’s tender orchestration, we are re-launching Obedience, The Guild Book One. She has slogged through the depths of the editing world to find me a wonderful and talented editor who, like Amber, is guiding me gently through growth. Obedience is in the process of being professionally edited! This is a dream coming true that I never knew I had. When the editor and I reach the end of this road, I will relaunch Obedience. The relaunch is not just to showcase the professionally-edited Obedience, but a complete redesign of the Guild brand. We commissioned a gorgeous new cover, built a new website, and started a social media presence. In fact, if you’re seeing my work today, it’s probably because of my project manager’s vision, diligence, charisma, and talent. By this means, the Guild has now grown out of its infancy. It has become, in addition to the chronicle of my pain and a testament of my resilience, a love letter to my wife.

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