Releasing The Guild: Obedience

Emma is a quiet character in my head. She has been living here since 2011, quietly waiting for her series to be released to the world. Leader, on the other hand, has never given me a moment’s rest. He took up residence before Emma did, and has never been quiet, polite, or patient. Every time my hands strayed to another work, Leader pinned me with a dark stare from the recesses of my mind. He made demands. He kept me up at night. When I no longer had the will power to resist him, I placed my book into final edits. And soon Leader will be released upon the world.

March 9, 2018: The worldwide release of the First Book in the Stone Guild series… The Guild: Obedience

(No characters were backhanded into oblivion during the creation of this work.)

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Nichole Willden

Author & Teacher

In an effort to put a more selfless face on my writing, I hereby submit this blog of my words. I can’t promise it’s safe here in my head. Enter at your own risk. But if you do come, introduce yourself, Reader, because maybe yours will be the face I place in my mind when I focus on my reader in the future. And then I can never again say I’m not certain who you are, because you will have pulled up a chair, put your feet on the coffee table, and taken up residence here in my brain. Sorry about the mess. I hope you’ll stay awhile.