Relaunch! New Obedience Cover

The Guild is my seductive mistress and most demanding task-master. It has, for years, been the primary focus of my writing life. And while I’m mixing metaphors, let me also say: the Guild is my baby. I have held it close and nurtured it since its inception, and would probably continue that way if not […]

The Return

I have returned. I know, I was AWOL all year. Here are the highlights: 1-I had to face a devastating and painful grief. 2-I had to increase my weekly therapy sessions from 1-2 (or sometimes 3) 3-I had the best summer of my life. 4-I had the worst year of my life. 5-I fell in […]

You Matter

Amber, You Matter! I reached inside my heart today and found you there. I did not realize you had crept into that space when I was busy. We were both busy laughing, sharing, crying, comforting… A little like family. A lot like friendship.  No one but you can be the you that you are: the […]