The Return

I have returned. I know, I was AWOL all year. Here are the highlights: 1-I had to face a devastating and painful grief. 2-I had to increase my weekly therapy sessions from 1-2 (or sometimes 3) 3-I had the best summer of my life. 4-I had the worst year of my life. 5-I fell in […]

You Matter

Amber, You Matter! I reached inside my heart today and found you there. I did not realize you had crept into that space when I was busy. We were both busy laughing, sharing, crying, comforting… A little like family. A lot like friendship.  No one but you can be the you that you are: the […]

Love Me

“Love me!” It seems like two very innocent, simple words. It’s the plea of everyone who has every posted a vague status on Facebook, or ever called the suicide hotline, or ever made some foolish, desperate act to get the attention of the people they care about. “Love me” seems like it should be very […]