Nervous Complaints

I did it: I released my book to the world. And now… I’m nervous.​ Thirty-five units have sold. Now, to be fair, four of those were me, because I needed several paperback copies, plus the Kindle copy. But even if I take myself out of the total, there are thirty-one people in the world who […]

Leader Visits

I walked through the open door of my house, confused for a moment that is was open instead of tightly shut and locked as it should have been. My dog was quiet, though, so I assumed my roommate must be home; if it was a stranger, Daisy would be going crazy! Except, I had the […]

Releasing The Guild: Obedience

Emma is a quiet character in my head. She has been living here since 2011, quietly waiting for her series to be released to the world. Leader, on the other hand, has never given me a moment’s rest. He took up residence before Emma did, and has never been quiet, polite, or patient. Every time […]