Maybe Not

“No” is a piece of me  sheltered behind  my shrine of                   you. Like a rabbit  hidden  in the desert shrub,  tiny ears  pricked up  to catch any sound of your retreat.   “Yes” is my                plastered-on  smile.  My lifeless phone in my hand, awaiting your                 attention.  My life on hold–an umbrella shut up tight. Straining […]

Delta India Delta

He views the worldfrom behind my eyes, reaching,wondering, calculating. As calculating as Icould ever be.I fade.I whisper, “See me!” I runthrough the stacks, lookingat piled volumes of the memories,                          knowledge that already belongsto me. He pursues me.I trot throughthe stacks, looking overmy shoulder.Wondering […]

Love Me

“Love me!” It seems like two very innocent, simple words. It’s the plea of everyone who has every posted a vague status on Facebook, or ever called the suicide hotline, or ever made some foolish, desperate act to get the attention of the people they care about. “Love me” seems like it should be very […]