Amber, You Matter!

I reached inside my heart today and found you there. I did not realize you had crept into that space when I was busy. We were both busy laughing, sharing, crying, comforting… A little like family. A lot like friendship. 

No one but you can be the you that you are: the human you that needs no embellishments. No one else can be as precisely competent and charismatic. No one else can have exactly your level of caring and innovation. No one but you can be the best teacher for your students right now, the best friend for your friends right now, the best sister for your siblings, the best daughter for your parents. No one but you can be the best girlfriend for your boyfriend right now (as I am sure he would agree). No one but you has the RIGHT to be you, nor the absolute, unparalleled honor. 

Be the you that you are, because that person matters. Not just to me, but to the myriad of others whose hearts harbor you. Take pride in you, because we do–the rest of us who are not you. #YouMatter!